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All the clubs start this week - make sure you know which group your child is in for Cookery and KS1/R craft. And, have you let us know who is collecting your child after clubs - especially important for 'Bus Children'??
Kellys Wedding AssemblyChristmas Stafettes Dancing 2014Nativity Assembly 2014Ladybirds first Christmas DinnerXmas Dinner 2014AladdinXmas Family Learning Day 2014Netball Tournament at AHSChristmas BoxesSuperheroes for Children in Need 2014
Kellys Wedding Assembly
Christmas Stafettes Dancing 2014
Nativity Assembly 2014
Ladybirds first Christmas Dinner
Xmas Dinner 2014
Xmas Family Learning Day 2014
Netball Tournament at AHS
Christmas Boxes
Superheroes for Children in Need 2014

The Headteacher, staff and children are pleased to present this website which contains basic information concerning the school. We hope it will be a useful introduction, telling you how the school is run and what kind of education we aim to provide for your child. It cannot replace direct personal contact but we hope it will act as a foundation for good relations between home and school. We look forward to getting to know you well and trust that your family’s association with the school will be a long and happy one.

Ms Deborah Leahy

Headteacher: Miss Deborah Leahy

Address: Aylsham Road, Buxton, Norwich, Norfolk NR10 5EZ
Tel: 01603 279357 • Fax: 01603 279296 • Email: office@buxton.norfolk.sch.uk


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