Vision & Ethos

‘Achieving Excellence Together’

At Buxton Primary School, we believe in preparing our children to become responsible and well-rounded individuals who are prepared for a future beyond school life. We do this by providing a meticulously planned curriculum which is relevant, broad, balanced and exciting. This is interwoven with a whole-school growth mind-set approach; this focuses on supporting the children to become motivated and resilient learners who show perseverance and grit when faced with challenges. Alongside this we strive for our children to develop strong moral compasses by promoting positive behaviours that are upheld by British Values; these are known as the Buxton Core Values.

Statement of School Aims

  1. To provide high quality learning opportunities within a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that is relevant and provides all children with the opportunity to succeed academically and holistically.
  2. To develop children socially, emotionally, physically and creatively within a nurturing environment.
  3. To instil a growth mid-set approach in order to develop children’s resilience when they face challenges both in their learning and everyday lives.
  4. To provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is valued, listened to and respected.
  5. To provide opportunities for the children to learn about the wider world, current worldly issues and our impact on the environment in order to give them a broad and accepting view of the world around them.
  6. To be a pillar within our community by nurturing strong partnerships and positive relationships with parents, carers, governors and across the wider community.
  7. To encourage and enable the continuous professional development of staff, ensuring effective communication between all.
  8. To recognise and celebrate success in all aspects of school life.